Organisation: Centre for Participation


In 2015, two organisations made the decision to come together and become one. By joining forces, Volunteering Western Victoria and the Wimmera Hub could strengthen their offering and better support the communities they served.

Both organisations had a long history and strong reputation in the Wimmera region where they were based. The communications challenge was to create a solid, fresh and clear identity that encapsulated the unique offering of the new organisation, yet drew on the rich legacy of its founders.

In late 2015, Disruptive Media was approached to develop the strategy and communications to help launch the new entity and set it up for a bright future.


Disruptive Media initially conducted a close review of the organisations’ histories, processes and strategic goals. These insights helped inform the workshops we delivered with key people from the organisations, giving us vital information about the direction of the new entity and underpinning the development of the branding and communications.

From the workshops, we gleaned that the key offering of the new entity was about building strong, connected communities by providing opportunities for people to participate. To reflect this, we developed the name ‘Centre for Participation’. The name clearly encompasses what the new entity is all about and provides a useful way of linking together all the different ways people can participate through learning, volunteering, community and partnerships.

Disruptive Media also developed the logo design and brand assets for the new organisation. Four concentric circles in the logo bring together the four key offerings that sit together within Centre for Participation. The logo design also offers scope to draw out each of the offerings separately and give them independent yet connected identities.

We then developed the necessary supporting communications for a smooth and successful transition to the new organisation.


Since launch, we’ve built on our branding foundations by designing materials like the annual report and other collateral that will continue to share the story of the new Centre for Participation.

Projects for Centre for Participation