Organisation: Discovery College

Discovery College is an initiative of The Alfred.


Discovery College is a place where people come together to learn from each other, share experiences, and reach a new understanding of mental health.

It’s a fresh perspective on mental health and is underpinned by an emerging evidence base that supports a collaborative, educational approach. Courses are created by people with varied experiences in mental health, who share their knowledge of what works. People from all sorts of backgrounds take part, like young people, clinicians and learning specialists.

In 2016, Disruptive Media began working with the team from The Alfred to plan and develop the communications for the initiative’s success.


The first step was conducting a workshop with the many and varied audiences involved with Discovery College, including young people, health professionals, and mental health specialists. The insights from this workshop helped inform the way ahead for the branding and communications, ensuring all materials were strategic, coordinated and pitched just right for our target audiences.


Given the range of audiences involved, an important consideration was developing a brand that would work effectively across different groups. The result was a fresh, energetic and optimistic logo, associated visual language, and key messages that invite everyone from all walks of life to come and discover for themselves what the initiative is all about.

Projects for Discovery College