Program: WithOnePlanet

WithOnePlanet is an initiative of the xpand Foundation.


WithOnePlanet open education supports teaching about environmental viability, cultural awareness and active citizenship.

As an inquiry-based teaching and learning program, it offers resources focused on environmental education with three key themes: carbon, culture and citizenship. WithOnePlanet’s online resources are aligned with the Australian Curriculum for Years Foundation to 10 and coordinated for whole-school integration across multiple subject areas.

The program is designed to broaden knowledge and awareness about climate change and provide a practical ‘call to action’ that connects school communities in Australia with those in Timor-Leste.


Through our long-term partnership with the xpand Foundation, who auspices the program, we’ve provided in-kind support for its communications over many years. Projects delivered to date include the website, digital stories, photography, and design and production of the vast teaching and learning resources.


The integrated, coordinated and memorable communications we designed for WithOnePlanet continue to support the program to grow its reach, increase its networks and uptake in schools, and inspire a new generation of students.

Projects for WithOnePlanet, xpand Foundation