Organisation: xpand Foundation


The xpand Foundation is committed to an inclusive society that values the sustainable livelihood and happiness of every individual. They create and support enterprises that encourage social inclusion of disadvantaged people to build their social and economic participation in a society committed to a green future in the digital age.

Initiatives include:
WithOneSeed – community forestry. Works with communities in Timor-Leste to make environments sustainable, to end poverty and hunger, to build knowledge and to create regional partnerships. Now, WithOneSeed is the first Gold Standard-verified carbon forestry program in Timor-Leste

WithOnePlanet – open education. A inquiry-based teaching and learning program that focuses on climate change through three themes: carbon, culture and citizenship

InfoTimor – Timor-Leste’s first not-for-profit social enterprise focusing on using information communication technology as a primary tool to create positive social change.


Disruptive Media works with the xpand Foundation in both Australia and in Timor-Leste on an ongoing in-kind basis, building strategic communications, branding and social marketing to support the work of the organisation. In the previous 12 months, Disruptive Media has provided over 500 hours of work to xpand Foundation initiatives.

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