The Tropical Permaculture Guidebook: book design

The Tropical Permaculture Guidebook is the leading reference guide for permaculture techniques. It has been reprinted several times and is used by numerous NGOs, including World Vision and Oxfam.

Disruptive Media partnered with Permatil and xpand Foundation to scope the objectives and develop a look, feel and tone for the guidebook that would resonate with the permaculture community and acknowledge Timor-Leste as the source-point.

Now, our design and production of the second edition of the book is nearly complete. At over 1,000 pages, the reference is available in print and digital formats and is an extensive guide designed specifically to support subsistence communities to achieve both food security and sovereignty. It’s already been downloaded more than 7,100 times in 120 countries – and that’s before its official launch!

Our contribution to the partnership also includes the development of the communications tools and the crowd-funding campaign. We’ve created a website, campaign branding and supporting social media pages to kickstart the project’s funding and establish widespread support.


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