We’re climate changers!

Simple action. Many people. Big impact.

With just one simple action, we’ve joined the community of people taking real action on climate change.

Disruptive Media recently purchased 17 CarbonSocial credits – the only Gold Standard-certified carbon credits from the Asia-Pacific region. This means that so far, we’ve effectively taken 17 tonnes of carbon out of the atmosphere.

A CarbonSocial credit is much more than just a standard carbon offset. Not only does every CarbonSocial credit remove a tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, it also supports subsistence communities in Timor-Leste, delivers education and training, and creates regional partnerships.

It’s all part of the WithOneSeed program – a social enterprise to support subsistence farmers in Timor-Leste to re-establish and maintain the forests where they live.

Our support means we can help lead the way in offsetting our carbon footprint and reducing our impact on the environment. And our involvement goes beyond just purchasing credits: we also developed the branding and communications to tell the CarbonSocial story. As part of our ongoing commitment to the initiative, we’ll continue to buy one credit and offset one tonne of carbon every month.

The CarbonSocial initiative is an opportunity for individuals and organisations of all different sizes to make a difference to the planet. The network of climate changers continues to grow, with clients like PHN coming on board to buy credits and international recognition in the Huffington Post.

We know that it’s simple actions by many people that will make the biggest impact on climate change – so get involved! To become a climate changer or find out more, visit carbonsocial.global or withoneseed.org.au