What’s the right annual report for you?

Find the best match for your organisation with our quick guide to annual reports.

There are many different sorts of annual reports, and it’s important that the annual report you produce meets your organisation’s strategic goals. Here are just some of the possibilities…

The all-rounder report – an annual report can do much more than just fulfil reporting requirements. It can be a multi-purpose piece that works as a marketing tool across the entire year, so you get the maximum value from the time and money invested. This type of annual report creates a great opportunity to celebrate your achievements, strengthen your brand and raise your profile in the wider community.

Digital report – creating a digital report not only saves on print and distribution costs, it also significantly extends the value of what you’re producing. Content from your annual report can be repurposed across social media, allowing you to share your story with a broader audience.

Digital reports also open up opportunities to use videos, audio and animation to connect with people on an emotional level, helping them really understand what your organisation is all about.

Green report – this type of report uses production processes that save energy, trees and water, and also reduce waste and greenhouse gases. Through initiatives like using vegetable-based inks and FSC-accredited (Forest Stewardship Council) paper, you can do your bit and help reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Organisations can also further demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility by adding the Towards carbon neutrality logo to their annual report. This logo recognises that the annual report has been produced in line with initiatives including using a carbon-neutral stock and donating to a community forestry program such as WithOneSeed.

Statutory report – some organisations are obliged to submit statutory reports to a government agency. This type of report has mandatory requirements for specific financial and non-financial information that must be included.

Sustainability report – more and more organisations are opting to produce a sustainability report as part of their commitment to good stewardship. With its focus on environmental, social and governance performance, a sustainability report can help you share your organisation’s progress and set out goals for improvement in the future.

Quality of care report – health services in Victoria are required by the government to produce an annual quality of care report, with the information included specific to the type of service. The aim of these reports is to show consumers, carers and the health community how the service is meeting quality and safety standards.


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