About us

Making a difference, differently

Who we are

We bring our communications experience and skills to organisations that are doing good things, to help influence social change.

For over 25 years, we’ve been working with not-for-profits, social enterprises, community services, non-government organisations, government and corporations that do good. As a social business ourselves, we share the vision and values of organisations seeking to make a difference.

What we do

We offer coordinated and integrated end-to-end branding, print and digital communications, and marketing. By thinking disruptively, we get to the core of what organisations want to achieve and develop the communications they need to help them get there.


A social business supporting social change

Our work is guided by the UN sustainable development goals. We’re also proud to be a certified B Corp – an ethical, social and environmental organisation using business as a force for good.

We are working towards carbon neutrality by offsetting through CarbonSocial – ethical, social and environmental carbon credits from Timor-Leste.

Disruptive Media recognises and acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which we work.

The right mix for the right project

Disruptive Media brings together the best people from all over the world to produce the best results

Our core team members work with the people with the right skill sets to match each project: graphic designers, writers, web designers, video producers, animators/motion graphic artists, IT specialists, app developers, social media specialists, researchers, printers, innovators…

Lyn Jenkin

Managing Director

Lyn is a design communications specialist and leader of the Disruptive Media team. She has more than 25 years’ experience working in strategic planning, branding, social-impact communications, cause-related marketing, graphic design, photography, print and digital media, and video production.

With her extensive work across sectors including community, healthcare, child and family services, homelessness, disability, mental health, education and environment, Lyn has a deep understanding of how to provide strategic brand, marketing and communications services that are effective in this space.

Her experience in managing creative projects and working with creative people over many years led to the founding of Disruptive Media in 2013.

25+ years’ experience.

Communications strategy, graphic design, branding, cause-related marketing, photography, print and digital media, project and account management, social justice projects in Australia and Timor-Leste.

Sector experience
Community, health, family services, homelessness, disability, mental health, education, environment, social enterprise, corporate.

Tanya Heaton

Content and Strategy Director

Unlike Tolkien, Tanya believes in communicating the message as clearly and simply as possible. With broad-ranging expertise as a copywriter, editor and strategist, Tanya specialises in developing compelling and effective communications that hit the mark with target audiences.

Her experience ranges from writing for websites, annual reports, advertisements, print collateral and journal articles to communications strategies, media releases, social media and campaigns.

15+ years’ experience.


Copywriting, copyediting, editing and proofreading, writing for tenders and grant applications, technical writing, concept development, communications strategy, public relations writing, writing for print and digital media.

Sector experience
Community, disability, government, health, education, family services, environment, youth, homelessness, arts and culture, social enterprise, corporate.

Jenny Byrne

Accounts and Administration

For Jenny, working at Disruptive Media is her ‘dream job’ – a place where she can bring her breadth of knowledge and experience to support projects that help make a positive difference to people’s lives.

With over 25 years’ experience across industries including horticulture, manufacturing, fashion and building, Jenny is the organisational force that keeps things at Disruptive Media humming. She’s also a passionate gardener (and a huge fan of Monty Don), prolific reader and grandmother to five adorable grandkids.

25+ years’ experience.


Project planning and management, accounting, getting stuff done.

Sector experience
Environment, community, corporate.

Luke Sharrock

Graphic Designer

As a typography enthusiast, tech aficionado and front-end web development specialist, Luke brings a diverse range of skills to his work at Disruptive Media. He recently returned to Melbourne from Vietnam where he lived for over 5 years, and where alongside graphic design he pursued his other passion – coffee. Check out the coffee shop he started if you’re ever passing through Danang!

As well as a good double espresso, Luke also enjoys cycling, collecting records and dabbling as a bedroom DJ.

15+ years’ experience.


Digital and print graphic design, web development, art direction, branding.

Sector experience

Community, tech/start-ups, health, social enterprise, corporate.

Sonja Meyer

Digital Designer

As our resident digital designer, Sonja specialises in UI/UX and visual design for websites and digital applications, data visualisation, analytics dashboards, and online report design. Her work is driven by a belief that designers have an important problem-solving role, by finding creative solutions that consider different people, societies, cultures, economies and environments.

As part of her passion for understanding the world, Sonja managed to travel to 35 countries before turning 30. With a desire to notch up a few more countries on her world-tour tally, Sonja’s currently learning Spanish for her next trip to South America.

10+ years’ experience.

Digital design, visual design (UI and web/digital applications), design anthropology.

Sector experience
Community, environment, health, corporate.

Melissa Walsh

Graphic Designer

Melissa thrives on creating clear, inviting designs that build on a vision and help tell a story. Since 2002, Melissa’s been bringing her expertise and flair to both B2B and B2C communications across projects ranging from branding to digital design.

As an animal lover, Melissa’s passionate about saving orangutans and nominates Harold, the office dog, as her favourite colleague. When not in the Disruptive Media studio, you’re most likely to find Melissa binge-watching TV… or plotting to steal Harold.

15+ years’ experience.

Digital and print graphic design, art direction, corporate reporting, branding.

Sector experience
Community, health, arts and culture, education, social enterprise, corporate, biotechnology.

Karen McDonald

Web Designer/Developer

Karen is Disruptive Media’s go-to web specialist. Following her wide professional experience delivering both print and online projects, Karen founded Kargan Media in 2001, enabling her to bring her creative and technical expertise to challenging digital projects. And more recently, Karen has found the perfect partnership with Disruptive Media.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Karen has been based in London since 1993.

20+ years’ experience.

Web development, graphic design.

Sector experience
Community, corporate, disability, education, environment, arts and media, social enterprise.


Top Dog

Harold started out life as a guide-dog-in-training. But when a career-ending injury cut his aspirations short, Harold decided to put his talents and charms to good use in the Disruptive Media studio.

As a keen recycling crusader, Harold is always doing his bit for the environment by eating paper out of the office bins. He strives to deliver the best client service possible by being the first to greet visitors at the door, making sure all the necessary equipment is at hand for client meetings, and clearing away the coffee table with a swish of his tail.

2+ years’ experience.


Stealing shoes, meeting and greeting, helping with photo shoots, eating rubbish, shedding fur (… everywhere!).

Sector experience

Working with people that are visually impaired.