Program: CarbonSocial

CarbonSocial and WithOneSeed are initiatives of the xpand Foundation.


Since 2009, the WithOneSeed program has been working with subsistence farmers in Timor-Leste to help re-establish and maintain the forests where they live.

In March 2016, WithOneSeed successfully gained certification from the Gold Standard Foundation under its afforestation/reforestation standard. This means carbon credits produced under the WithOneSeed program meet international standards, and are the only internationally certified credits available from Timor-Leste.

Disruptive Media was approached to help develop an identity for the carbon credits program, create the communications materials to encourage people to purchase credits and get involved, and ensure the program’s successful launch.


To help distinguish the program from other standard carbon credits and highlight its additional social benefits, we developed the name ‘CarbonSocial’. The new name was supported by a new logo, visual language and key messages for specific audience groups, helping to consolidate the program’s identity.

As part of the communications strategy we developed, we also created a new website, prospectus and ‘Climate Changer’ campaign. This campaign highlighted that through the simple actions of many people, we can make a big impact on climate change.

Despite 97% of the world’s scientists agreeing that climate change is real and a growing acceptance of climate change in the general population, inaction is still a major road-block. Becoming carbon neutral through CarbonSocial is quite straightforward, yet convincing the market of this is exceptionally challenging. Our overarching approach to communications therefore focuses on encouraging action and driving change.


Since launch, support for CarbonSocial continues to grow. The solid identity and branding foundations have placed CarbonSocial in a strong position, with plans now underway to extend and evolve the launch communications to continue to attract new support.

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