Organisation: Merri Health


Merri Health creates healthy, connected communities through local health services for people at every age and stage of life.

Until early 2016, Merri Health was known as Merri Community Health Services. The organisation decided to make the change as the new name was simpler, less confusing and offered more scope to grow.

In late 2015, Merri Health approached Disruptive Media for assistance in communicating the transition to the new name, creating a new logo and identity, and developing a communications strategy to support the ongoing growth of the brand.


With over 60 different health services provided by Merri Health and numerous target audiences involved, a clear understanding of the organisation’s offer was vital. We started the project with a strategic workshop to identify Merri Health’s key objectives, audience characteristics and opportunities for growth.

The findings from this workshop, coupled with our own sector research, underpinned our strategy for a smooth transition to the new name and beyond. By using these insights, we ensured that the new look and communications would work effectively for a variety of audiences, such as the internal Merri Health team, professionals and peak bodies, and the wider community – including those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.


A critical component of our approach was to make it easy for people to understand what Merri Health do. Through clear messaging, a distinctive logo and consistent communications, we created a brand that unifies the vast range of services available and draws together the strength of the Merri Health network.

Projects for Merri Health