Program: WithOneSeed


WithOneSeed is the first Gold Standard-verified carbon forestry program in Timor-Leste. It is dedicated to improving the resilience of subsistence communities by making environments sustainable, ending poverty and hunger, delivering open education, and creating regional partnerships.


Since 2009, we’ve worked closely with key partners to provide in-kind communications support for the WithOneSeed program. Our services have included developing the name and associated visual components for the brand, creating the website, photography, producing digital stories, and providing the communications strategy to guide the execution of all materials.


Since the program’s launch, over 110,000 trees have been planted and more than 78,000 tonnes of CO2e removed from the atmosphere. As WithOneSeed grows and evolves, we’ll seek to build from our solid communications base to find opportunities to further the program’s impact.

Projects for WithOneSeed