Brand healthcheck quiz

Is your organisation’s brand in need of some attention? Take our quiz to find out.

Choose the answer that best applies to you:
1. My organisation’s brand is…
a. Some marketing mumbo-jumbo
b. The logo and name
c. The feelings and attitudes that people have in their minds about my organisation

2. I can easily summarise what my brand stands for in a couple of sentences:
a. No
b. Maybe, if I think about it for a while
c. Yes

3. Our communications are…
a. Developed ad-hoc as we need them, with different looks and messaging
b. Mostly developed to have a similar look and messaging
c. Developed to meet specific objectives with a very clear and consistent look, feel and tone for every single communication (both print and digital) we distribute

4. I know what sets our organisation apart from our competitors, and our brand clearly demonstrates these differences:
a. No
b. Sort of
c. Yes

5. When creating digital and print communications, I…
a. Start from scratch each time
b. Make sure each new piece contains the logo
c. Build on the foundations of our existing brand elements and communications to help reinforce and strengthen our brand

6. My organisation’s brand is…
a. Outdated and doesn’t really reflect what we stand for or the needs of our audiences anymore
b. Okay, but perhaps could be tweaked and refreshed to better connect with the people we want to reach
c. A reflection of our vision, mission and values that is easily recognised by our audiences and encourages them to engage with us

7. The messages communicated about our organisation by our advocates (staff, volunteers, patrons, etc.) are…
a. Different depending on who’s sharing the news
b. Mostly similar but there’s a bit of individual variation
c. Clear and consistent, with all advocates fully aware of who we are, what we do and how we do it

The diagnosis
Mostly a’s
It looks like it might be time to give your brand a more thorough examination and get it working harder for you.

A strong brand works to build positive relationships with people and helps them think about your organisation in a favourable way. It encapsulates your organisation’s vision and values and represents the mission and experience behind it. Effective branding can also help your organisation garner trust, gain a higher profile and encourage people to support you.

Remember, your brand is a symbol of your reputation. It’s arguably the most important asset your organisation has.

Mostly b’s
Your brand looks to be mostly on the right track but could possibly do with some fine-tuning. Keep in mind that your brand is much more than just a logo or set of colours – put simply, it’s what people think of you. So, it’s important to make sure that your brand actually reflects your vision, mission and values. A minor brand refresh might be just the tonic to make sure your brand keeps doing the job for you.

Mostly c’s
Your brand is in top condition and is giving you every opportunity to build strong relationships with audiences, get you noticed and enjoy widespread support. Just remember though that as your organisation and its needs evolve, your brand needs to adapt too. Keep checking regularly on your brand to ensure it continues to represent what you stand for, and that it connects and engages with the people you want to reach.

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